I have been serving Individuals & Businesses, successfully, for over forty years. My approach is simple: we speak, I ask you what is it you want your insurance to do for you individually, and/or your employees?

After that conversation, I will develop either an individual plan(s) just for you, or your employee’s small or large group plans that meet both your personal and financial requirements.

Employers may find that, so called, “Obamacare” may be a financial benefit or not. Individual insurance via healthcare.gov for states that do not have their own exchange, or Colorado for example that has their own state exchange, may also find it financially a plus or not .

When we both have a complete understanding, we will move forward.  This process will move very quickly from there.

720-328-4388 is my all other states line.  My hours are from 6 a.m. Mountain time until late. On weekends my phone is forwarded to my cell, which is 719.213.1978.  If you are calling from Alaska, my day starts 6:30 AM till 10:30 PM AST.  Please dial 907.782.4715.

On a personal note, I am 67 years old and a Grandfather.  I enjoy working (probably too much) but like my wife mentions often, “you are like an old, old tree your limbs do not bend”.  Well that usually works out for all my clients.

I am looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Steven L Gilbert

Licensed in Alaska, Washington State, Colorado, Florida, New Mexico, Texas, Utah

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