I highly recommend contacting Steven Gilbert for helpful, professional assistance with his patience and follow through.

– Andrea Gribbin

So glad I found you Steven! You made it so easy for me! Thanks.

– Thomas Cornwell in Girdwood, AK

I am all the way North in Prudhoe Bay Alaska and after my husband lost his job due to RIF, Steve helped me get exact medical coverage I needed. He was very knowledgeable of Alaska Insurance, friendly not pushy and spoke very CLEAR English. Thanks Steve.

– Lisi Henson

Very personal and easy to work with. Helped to make the confusion of Health Insurance a breeze!

– Noah Wallace

Steven Gilbert did a great job and was very friendly. Thank you!

– Libia Johnson

Steven was incredibly helpful and professional. I will recommend his services to anyone in need of insurance!

– Kati Jackenberger

Very knowledgeable and so helpful in helping my boyfriend find affordable insurance and answering all of our questions. Straight up great guy!! Thanks Steven!!

– Jessica Reilly

Steven made this process easy and understandable for this Alaskan. He is very willing to explain the options and make getting healthcare not so confusing and intimidating. I highly recommend his services!

– Ryan Stattner

Steven is no other then a gracious and thoughtful man that cares for others beyond what most people could imagine. Life has become less stressful because of his knowledge and wisdom that has been given to him without a doubt with assurance that it would be used with honesty and the needs of others. Again, beyond what most people could imagine. Thanks again Steven. Live a long and prosperous life.

– Michelle Reedy

Steven was extremely helpful in finding Health Insurance for me as well as supplemental insurance. He was always prompt when returning my phone calls or messages, I can’t say enough about the quick response. He always seemed to go the extra mile and find that important dealing with insurance. I am confident he will continue this in the future. Thank again

– Julie Johnson

Steven did a great job helping us understand this incredibly complicated health care situation in out country. We are grateful for the help, advice, and service.

-Mike Scheid

Steven went above and beyond for me and my family. He provided great service and answered all of our questions. I highly recommend using Steven if you are in the market.

– Tr Ball

Steven was extremely professional and helpful. He went the extra mile for me. I highly recommend Steven. He also has some pretty good jokes.

– Daniel Starr

Steve was absolutely amazing! He help me and my daughter to get the best possible plan available for her. We greatly appreciated his expertise his knowledge and his patience going through everything thoroughly and explaining each plan. He definitely knows how to take care of you as his client! We can’t thank him enough.

– Tina Marie Griffin

Thank you Steve for helping up when we could not get assistance with our rep. Greatly appreciated! This agent went above and beyond to make sure we were taken care of!

– Dennis Bolenbarker

Was very helpful in getting both me and my mother’s healthcare all set up separately, knows how to navigate the complex system that is our healthcare like the back of his hand. Would definitely recommend to anyone who needs or wants any assistance. My mother says he’s like a captain, and not a crew member! Thanks again.

– Mitch Wright

I needed to find insurance for my daughter who is a student in Texas. Steven went way out of his way to call providers and inquire about everything under the sun while he was securing us a range of quotes for insurance there. I would highly recommend him for his services in Denver or in Texas.

– Rob Anderson

I just wanted everyone to know that our family has been so thankful to work with Steven Gilbert. We live in Wasilla, Alaska and making insurance work is a challenging endeavor and Mr. Gilbert has held our hand and stood up for us through the process.

We highly recommend him to help you navigate your needs.

– The Westphals

I was starting work as someone self employed a bit concerned about getting everything in order insurance was the biggie. As I started working with Steve he was very easy going and helpful in my trying to understand everything. We got everything set up for health insurance and then he started talking to me about supplemental insurance. I told him I needed to think about it and was thinking he is just trying to get me to buy more insurance. He explained the benefits of supplemental insurance I kept assuring him I was healthy take no medicine didn’t need supplemental insurance. He went on to say the unexpected can happen! It did I was working oversees broke both bones into in my arm and ended up in a German Hospital. I was in 3 1/2 days, surgery and the works. The accident and accident companion paid just as he said it would. Forms were easy to complete causing no stress and the one thing that slowed down my getting payment was the bill had to be translated! It continues to pay for outpatient follow up appointments I faxed 3 invoices last week and received a check in the mail today! Thanks Steve for really caring and helping people like me that don’t know much about insurance to understand and pushing me to think past my current good health to the unexpected!

– Janice Hamrick

I’m what you would reference as a tough customer. Steven has been patient and effective in getting me covered in the ways that are most important to me at a rate that works with my budget.

– Kevin Wyant

Steven Gilbert was very helpful. I was nervous and uneasy about getting health insurance. He put my mind at ease and went through the whole process with me. Thank you very much!!

– Jennifer Kelly

I recently had to get medical insurance due to a divorce. I chose Steven Gilbert to be my agent, what a great move! I live in Alaska, and he is very knowledgeable in the working components of insurance in our state! He has a great attitude, and knows the right questions to ask, and the proper techniques to make getting insurance a breeze! Thanks so much Steven for being so prompt, patient and professional! I would definitely recommend him to anyone looking to get insurance, and I will definitely be calling him back in the near future! Thanks again Steven!

– Jeff Moore

We loss health coverage due to a such a turndown on my husbands company in oil industry. We struggle to get reasonable coverage the second time he was laid off. Steven Gilbert helped us, he walked us through the nine yards. He never put the phone down until he is sure we gonna have the coverage we need. He found us one that fits the budget. We are grateful for the work he did for us.

– Lyn Frazier

Steven has been taking care of my family with our needs for a few years now. He came highly recommended to my Mom from a friend. He is patient, informative; and very knowledgeable when it comes to health and life insurance policies… But beyond that, he is a person who shows in his actions how much he truly cares for his clients – even outside of their insurance needs. With sincere confidence, I give him my highest personal recommendation.

– Tobias Sedillos

Steven was very informative and helpful when helping me find insurance for my family. I felt like I was talking with an educated friend, not someone who was looking to make a buck. I highly recommend those looking to make informed decisions about insurance to speak with this man.

– Kaili Watkins-Swanson

Having lived in Alaska and at the time insured by one of only two providers, I was able to hook-up with Steven. My family and I are very appreciative of his care and professionalism. Working in the health care industry myself, I understand the difficulties we all face. Steven has helped smooth the way. Thank you.

– Harry Cotler

Steven has been mine and my husband’s insurance agent for many years, and has been great with keeping us informed on the changes in our policy and changes in the insurance industry overall. He is one of the most accessible professionals I have ever met, and always willing to meet you where your needs are! He has offered us a variety of products over the years to help us with our long term health and wealth as our lives have changed and we have grown! Thank you Steven for your great service!!

– BMaria Rodriguez

Steven has been very helpful and tells it like it is. he does not hide the facts that insurance is overpriced and overall a very poor product, what he does is help you to negotiate the system to best suit your needs. We should all remember that if the hospitals did not over charge such a ridiculous amount we would not need to put our selves into poverty to pay for their services.

– Keith Presley

Steven helped me find health insurance for my wife when I thought the cost would make it nearly impossible to find an affordable plan. Steven’s knowledge and patience made it easy to understand our health plan and he was very thorough in explaining all of our options. I would highly recommend Steven Gilbert to all my family and friends.

– Stephen Foster

After traveling from Kodiak, Alaska to Hawaii for work reasons, a health insurance needed. Thank God for encountering a person who is so professional and human who helped me at all times. Mr. Steven not only in the process of filling forms and explaining all this health insurance entanglement. Mr. Steven, thank you very much for all your help and God bless you.

– Everardo De Santiago

Steven was very professional and extremely helpful in helping me get health insurance and was great at explaining the many troublesome details that go along with enrolling. I would certainly recommend him to anyone else looking for a good insurance agent.

– Jordan Wallace

Steven is so very good at explaining how insurance works and how it applies to me. He and I spent quite awhile on the phone as he helped me. He wants to make sure you have all the information you need and ask for. He’s easy to talk with and has good humor – which always helps!

– Cori Fisher

I have worked with Steven for several years, in which he has helped my family with medical, supplemental, and life insurance. Steven is not a salesman. Rather, he is like an old friend who is looking out for your best interest. He’s kind, knowledgeable, applies “real life” logic to your specific situation. I would absolutely recommend working with Steven for all your insurance needs.

– Alfredo Rodriguez

Just got off the phone with Mr. Gilbert and I have to say it was probably the easiest thing that I did today. He was very knowledgeable and helpful with picking the coverage that I wanted. He was able to answer all my questions quickly and thoroughly. I will be recommending him to any others that I know needing insurance as again he knew his job and was very kind, courteous, and an overall nice guy. If you want insurance quickly and still get all the information you want call this man, also there is a good chance you will get a some laughs while your doing it, this is the insurance agent to speak with.

– Matt Cronce

Steven went above and beyond to help me in the 11th hour! When I took an early retirement and was thus losing my Premo health insurance he helped me get insurance in the last few hours of the last day of the deadline so that there was no lapse in coverage. I was kind of ‘that trouble customer’ applying last minute but with conflicts in my schedule and he worked around and made it happen.

– Mindy Baker Meyn

We had been inadvertently dropped from the exchange and Steven patiently walked us through getting stop gap insurance and then working to restore our standing with the exchange and preferred carrier. Not only does Steven have the knowledge but also the relationships within the healthcare community to see you covered well. We would highly recommend Steven as a broker especially if you are exasperated and at the end of your proverbial rope with the ever changing health care markets.

– Brad Kenney

Thanks for all your help! Tim and I appreciate all you do!

– Adrienne King

After having spoken to a few pushy and even rude brokers, Steven Gilbert was extremely patient and knowledgeable with my husband and I. I dreaded having to figure out how to get insured as my Cobra ends soon, but Steven walked us through it with kindness and professionalism. He also said he is more than happy to answer further questions. I would and will recommend him to anyone I meet who is wondering what to do about insurance. There is good in the world – Steven exemplifies this.

– Deanna Cooper

Steve is easy to work with and knowledgeable in the group and individual insurance markets. He helped us get insurance set up in a short timeframe.

– Suzette Hachmann

Steven is so understanding and down to earth with us, takes the time to relate to our situations and has excellent advice, knowledgeable about insurance and is a pleasure to work with to help us pick out the right plans for us ! No shoveling info at you but easy to understand ! He’s definitely worth calling !

– Lisa Marie Contreras

Steven spend a lot of time looking for and explaining different insurance plans with me. He was very helpful in finding me an affordable plan that fits my lifestyle. After being fined by the Obama plan for years for not having or being able to afford or get insurance, and being ripped off by money hungry private plans , Steven found me a plan that fits! Thank you Steven!!!!

– Darrin Schwenkbeck

I have had the good fortune of Steven’s help with my Health Insurance needs on two occasions now. Steven is very knowledgeable and thorough. Steven found my family the best product available in Utah and stuck with me until the process was complete. If you are looking for Health Insurance in Utah or one of the many other states that Steven is licensed in, you wont find anyone that will work harder to get you the insurance you need.

– Dave Attleson

Steven was vary knowledgeable and confident in his presentation on what coverage you need or want. Vary down to earth kind of guy.

– Eric Huot

Steven is a magician when it comes to health insurance. I wanted to wait to make this assessment of my experience with him because I find it hard to believe what he has done for my family. I didn’t think I was going to get the insurance that I wanted at an affordable price. Truly amazing!

– Joshua Adams

Steven was very helpful when my family needed new insurance. He helped us get dental, eye care, accident, and gap coverage and we are working to get life insurance. He is knowledgeable and helped walk me through the whole health insurance labyrinth. We are very thankful for Steven’s help.

– Liz Pfeffer

Steve has spent a lot of time trying to help my dauther get ins. For her and her 12 year old son. He has realy tried to help her. He keeps checking with her. She is ending a 15 yr. Marrage and is having a hard time about what she needs to do about alot of thing. Steve have been good about working with her. Thanks Steve so much.

– James Hartley

Steven was very helpful with reviewing Health Care insurance options. He’s knowledgeable and helped me to assess options that I didn’t realize existed. Well worth it and will be using Steven in the future.

– Dave Kost

My family and I reside is Douglas County, Colorado and recently needed help in finding medical insurance policies for three family members. We found the right broker when we chose Steven Gilbert. Dealing with PEAK and Connect for Health Colorado was challenging to say the least and Steven with his years of experience guided us through the process. Health Insurance, Medicare supplement policies, Vision – we got them all through Steven. A pleasure to work with, I would highly recommend him to anyone in need of medical insurance policies and more. Thanks Steven.

– Janet von Russow

Steven was very knowledgeable and thorough with his presentation of our insurance options. He was careful to make sure we had all the information we needed to make our insurance decisions.

– Nancy Rieke

Steven was very knowledgeable and easy to talk with. He listened and then gave me all the options available to us. I would recommend him to anyone!

– Sylvia Shimmel

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