Your Desire for Dental Insurance Depends on How You Were Raised

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Your Desire for Dental Insurance Depends on How You Were Raised

I realize that I usually blog about individual dental insurance as it is a large segment of my business in the under 65 individual market. However, dental insurance and dental health go hand-in-hand and here’s why:

People who purchase dental insurance typically fall into one of three groups:

  1.  People who were raised by their parent(s) to believe that proper dental hygiene is essential to good health, and regular dental exams and cleanings should not be missed.
  2. People who know proper dental hygiene is important but have not made it a priority and therefore their teeth, and sometimes health, have suffered, and now they are ready to get back on a path to dental health. (This was me by the way).
  3. And finally, people who only wait until they are in major pain or discomfort before determining that they need to see a dentist, and they need dental insurance NOW!!

I even have clients who purchase dental insurance as a way to help remind them that they need to schedule an appointment. Everytime they see a deduction from their checking account for their dental plan, they know it’s time to go to the dentist. I call this the “money factor vs. fear factor”.

All this brings me to group dental as discussed in this article. The article states that, second to life insurance, dental insurance is the most wanted benefit in a group insurance package – probably for some of the reasons I mentioned previously.

In most states, there are dental franchises that are usually the least expensive, but good quality option, for most people who are concerned about their dental health.

Another common dental offering is the services offered by single office dentists that are not part of a franchise. These dentists may be less cooperative with dental insurers, and may accept a smaller number of insurance carriers. This is more common in affluent neighborhoods and of course there are exceptions.

For the most part however, more densely populated areas have better overall prices for dental procedures because there is a higher level of competition.

Basically, there are many options afforded to you when it comes to dental care, and what you want and need is determined by you. If you are in need of dental insurance, I can help you identify the plan, and the providers, that work best for you and your individual needs. Contact me to get started.

Footnote: Mr. Steven Gilbert is a licensed health insurance agent licensed in Colorado, Washington, Alaska, Utah, Texas, Florida, and New Mexico. Contact him today with your questions and insurance needs.

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